Our Advantages

Keeping Abreast With Only The Best

Production Stages

Zhenta Steel Industries Sdn Bhd adopts steel manufacturing processes which comply only with the finest global standard requirements while maintaining excellent steel production rate at the same time.

Tireless R&D

Zhenta Steel Industries Sdn Bhd maintains its competitive edge by thinking out of the box when it comes to solving steel-related problems by providing the best and most professional solutions as well as alternative designs to customers when needed. 

Custom-made To Your Requirements

Zhenta Steel Industries Sdn Bhd spares no effort in our precise engineering capabilities especially in engineering mesh (cut-to-size wire mesh) according to our clients’ desired size and length requirements. Our xx years of experience in the steel production industry is guaranteed to provide you with professional consultation services for your specific, custom-made steel related needs. 

Cost & Material Efficiency

Our highly experienced and professional team guarantees accurate production of steel products. This avoids material wastages, enhances on-time delivery and is an outstanding cost-effective strategy in top-notch welded steel fabric production.

Punctual Delivery At All Times

Zhenta Steel Industries Sdn Bhd is committed to avoid untoward factors which will hinder the delivery process of our steel products. As such, we are ever ready with supplies of raw materials and finished steel products to ensure on time, prompt delivery to customers.

A to Z of the Steel Business

At Zhenta Steel Industries Sdn Bhd, be rest assured that we play our role as a One Stop Solution for the steel business right from the production stage all the way to the delivery service. Our recognised professionalism and steely reliability are beyond doubt when it comes to meeting the needs of our customers seriously & professionally.

Steel Building Materials


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